DSSymbolResponseValueType EnumerationDSWS API (.NET)

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Defines the symbol response value type found in a DSSymbolResponseValue

Namespace: Datastream.DswsApi
Assembly: Datastream.DswsApi.NET4.0 (in Datastream.DswsApi.NET4.0.dll) Version: (

public enum DSSymbolResponseValueType

  Member nameValueDescription
Error0 An error
Empty1 Empty value
Bool2 Boolean
Int3 Int32
DateTime4 DateTime
Double5 Double
String6 String
BoolArray7 Array of boolean
IntArray8 Array of Int32
DateTimeArray9 Array of DateTime
DoubleArray10 Array of Double
StringArray11 Array of String
ObjectArray12 Array of Object
NullableBoolArray13 Array of Nullable booleans
NullableIntArray14 Array of Nullable Int32
NullableDateTimeArray15 Array of Nullable DateTime
NullableDoubleArray16 Array of Nullable Double
Version Information

.NET API Framework

Supported in: 4.1, 3.6
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