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Defines the instrument used in a DSDataRequest
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System  Object
   Datastream.DswsApi  DSInstrument

Namespace: Datastream.DswsApi
Assembly: Datastream.DswsApi.NET4.0 (in Datastream.DswsApi.NET4.0.dll) Version: (

public sealed class DSInstrument

An instrument used in a DSDataRequest defines the universe. It can be a single symbol, a set of symbols, a list symbol or even a complex expression. The symbols supported in Datastream Web Service include
  • Datastream Mnemonic (Ex:VOD,@MSFT)
  • Datastream Code (Ex:953133,719643)
  • SEDOL (Ex:B16GWD5,2588173)
  • CUSIP (Ex:594918104)
  • ISIN (Ex:GB00B16GWD56,US5949181045)
You can set different properties DSInstrumentProperties to provide hints about the instrument.

Following example shows different mechanisms to construct an instrument
// Create a single instrument 
var singleInstr = new DSInstrument("VOD");

// Create multiple instruments 
var multiInstr = new DSInstrument("VOD", "BARC", "MSFT");

// Create an expression 
var expr = new DSInstrument("VOD(PL) + VOD(PH)", DSInstrumentProperties.IsExpression);
Version Information

.NET API Framework

Supported in: 4.1, 3.6
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