DSDataResponse ClassDSWS API (.NET)

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Defines the DSDataRequest's response
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System Object
  Datastream.DswsApi DSDataResponse

Namespace: Datastream.DswsApi
Assembly: Datastream.DswsApi.NET4.0 (in Datastream.DswsApi.NET4.0.dll) Version: (

public class DSDataResponse

A data response contains the values retrieved corresponding to the issued request. DataTypeValues is accessed to obtain the relevant data.

Following example illustrates accessing the response properties
// Access the response 
foreach (var datatypeValue in response.DataTypeValues)
    Trace.WriteLine(string.Format("----DataType: {0}", datatypeValue.DataType));

    foreach (var symbol in datatypeValue.SymbolValues)
        Trace.WriteLine(string.Format("Symbol: {0}", symbol.Symbol));
        Trace.WriteLine(string.Format("Value Type: {0}", symbol.Type));
        Trace.WriteLine(string.Format("Values Length: {0}", symbol.Value is Array ? ((Array)symbol.Value).GetLength(0) : 0));
Version Information

.NET API Framework

Supported in: 4.1, 3.6
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