Datastream permits users to create and manage custom items. Five user created item types are supported:

  • Timeseries - Upload your own time series to Datastream’s central systems. These can then be used in combination with Datastream maintained series in charts and data requests with the full power of the Datastream expressions language.
  • Lists - Create and manage your own lists of constituent items. These can then be used to request static data for the constituents of the lists.
  • Expressions - Combine Datastream data items with analytical functions to create custom expressions.
  • Indices - Create an index based on a portfolio of instruments and and measure the performance against variations on established market indices and other benchmarks.
  • Regression - Create a regression model to analyse the extent to which one time series (the dependent variable) is influenced by other time series (the independent or ‘explanatory’ variables).

Full details of how to create and manage user created items are available on MyRefinitiv and the Refinitiv Developer Community. You can use this test page to test the user created items service using SOAP, JSON, or plain XML.

Note: You need to be specifically permissioned to access the API web service. Please contact your LSEG representative for details.